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Standing Station

Technology... we now freely admit we love it, even if at times we are frustrated with ourselves

for not quite understanding it...

It streamlines our lives, it adds that bit of excitement, and makes us feel like we are living in the future.

Whilst out minds and our to-do lists are reaping the benefits our bodies are not.

We've all felt it: sitting static for too long in front of a computer hurts!

As the future unfolds designs will only get ergonomically better for us.

Many offices now subscribe to communal standing stations where one can work standing up

at a computer for a period of time if one wishes.

The idea here is that we don't just switch to standing up all day instead of sitting all day.

Just standing has its own set of problems, and aches and pains.

The concept here is to keep the body moving. Mix it up.  Alternate from sitting and standing.

When standing rock from side to side, from one foot to the other, move the hips around,

feel your feet, your legs, your weight. Who knows, by moving a bit more fresh oxgenated blood will flow

more freely to your brain helping you to work more efficiently, and attain better ideas.

Why not try this at home with your laptop.

Turn a cardboard box upside down, cut some holes for ventilation, put the box on a table,

the laptop on the box and see how you go standing for a time. 

When next you are on your smart phone hold it up to chest height rather than looking down

at it as you hold it by your waist.

This will take pressure off your neck muscles and lessen that dull achy neck pain... you know the one!