With Spring at our doorstep its time to start exploring different foods.

Whilst porridge in the mornings to warm you up might be a hard habit to break a good place to start

is a bowl of fruit sprinkled with almonds to flush the system and adjust to RAW foods.

By no means a new concept the RAW way of eating has become popular again with even cafes

and restaurants adopting this way of eating.

A raw food diet is one in which 75% or more of the food a person eats is uncooked.

Raw foodists define RAW food as unprocessed food whose temperature has never

reached above 47 degrees celsius. 

Benefits of high RAW food intake include better digestion, stronger immune system, improved skin,

increased energy, and weight control.

Personally I think all in moderation, but exploring the world of RAW foods is a true eye and tummy

opener to what can be done RAW!

For truly creative and scrumptious meals and desserts check out the divine cafe:

                 Monk Bodhi Dharma, at 202 Carlisle St, Balaclava, Melbourne.


In true Melbourne style this piece of heaven is down an alley, hidden away....

Check them out - these guys will most certainly convert you to RAW!

Fighting Fit