To PANDICULATE or not should never be the question!

To pandiculate is to stretch; precisely it is the active stretch one does when one yawns!

It is natural and instinctive.

The entire body likes to 'yawn' when it has been inactive for long periods of time (eg sleep).

This body-yawn sends neurological signals to the brain to re-set our resting, contracted muscles

to get ready to become active ones.

A great example of this is when you see a cat or baby wake from sleeping.

On waking it will contract all of its muscles (cat curl) and then actively stretch its arms and legs out,

lengthening its entire body (ah feels good doesn't it..)

80-90% of injuries are done getting out of bed or from a prolonged seated position because ​

we didn't give our muscles a chance to re-set.

SO give yourself that extra 5-7mins in bed in the morning to roll over and gently pandiculate...

its a perfectly healthy excuse to stay there just a bit longer!

For further entertaining and informative reading on pandiculating go to Day Somatics webpage.


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