Massage Styles

The right massage for you depends on your lifestyle; what your working life throws at you, your age, what you do for exercise, how you like to play, and the quality of our rest. Every body releases tension differently and the correct style of massage can aid this directly. 

Ci Cure aims to listen and read the body's current state of being; allowing the treatment to be guided by what the body presents. This approach ensures a unique massage tailored to your body at each session.

Request a massage right for your body and mind.

Remedial / Injury management

Remedial massage is a popular choice of treatment as it refers to deeper body work that is corrective and preventative in nature whilst aiming to restore function after injury or chronic pain.

Techniques such as deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point release are commonly used in a treatment. Extreme muscle tension can result from

a sporting injury or from sitting at a desk all day. Depending on the injury

or chronic level of pain it is recommended that a short course of treatments be implemented to shift the condition on to the road of recovery enabling the body to move away from pain and adjust to normal function. A reduced price structure can be arranged for such treatments.

Actors / Singers / Musicians

Your craft is your work  is your life is who you are. When your body is working at its optimum it only enhances the ease at which you are able to totally engage with your art. However performance related art demands deeper levels of intense concentration; involving immersion in emotion, feeling, technique, and passion. The tendency for the body to shape itself around ​an instrument; to physically and emotionally adapt to a character;

or to be hyper-sensitive to vocal conditions requires a practitioner who understands the essential nature of this.  ​Ci Cure works with your body aiming to re-balance it, never destabilising muscle memory or strength. ​

Techniques include myofascial release, positional release, trigger point release

Sports / Dance

Sports Massage is beneficial for those who work with their bodies daily at a professional level. All types of athletes, dancers, acro & circus performers  can greatly benefit from this style of massage. Sports Massage improves circulation of oxygen rich blood and lymph fluid, warms muscles, restores function after injury, aids metabolic waste removal, improves nutrition to tissues, aids in venous flow, stimulates and/or calms the nervous system, and enhances performance.

Ci Cure offers onsite service for your event, competition, theatrical show or rehearsal schedule. ​

Ci Cure has maintained the bodies of cyclists and runners post race, and dancers and circus artists post/pre performance.

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Pregnancy / Post natal

​Massage therapy can be extremely beneficial during pregnancy and throughout the post natal period. Ci Cure offers treatments tailored for you, providing stress relief and relaxation as well as correcting muscle pain and postural imbalances as baby grows. Such therapy can improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, increase metabolism, and promote deep relaxation to aid in constipation. Great care is taken to ensure you and baby are comfortable at all times, adhering to all contraindications including specific acupressure points that should be avoided during pregnancy. Individuals must obtain permission from their obstetrician or GP prior to commencing any massage treatment.