Legs on the Wall

Do your legs ache, feel heavy, feel restless?

Do you wish you could just take them off, hang 'em up, drain the blood for a bit...

Maybe find a new pair?

Well don't despair. A nice trick to do is to lie on your back with your bum close to a wall. 

Raise your legs up the wall as close to right angles to the floor as possible.

Perhaps put a small pillow under your lower back for support and a blanket over you.

As your legs hang the other way you will feel a lightness come over them, 

maybe even some tingling, as the blood runs the other way redistributing nasties like

lactic acid around the body to be processed and eliminated.

Weight comes off the hips, the knees, the ankles and giving them a break too.

Perhaps lower the lights and play some calm music.

Or take this time out to mediate, reflect, breathe...

Remain here for 15-20mins.

Just another small way to wind down and bring you back to you.


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