How do you sleep?

The posture you sleep in can have a massive affect on your body, how it feels when you wake,

and throughout your day.

Sometimes just a small change in your sleep posture can alleviate lower back pain, neck pain,

headaches, and arm tingling.

We don't move much when we sleep. What ever position you fall asleep in is pretty much it for the night.

If the pelvis is tilted forward and held there for 6-8hrs you are guaranteed to wake with lower back pain.

Sleeping on your stomach can also cause back pain along with constricting breathing.

Too flat a pillow or too high a pillow will cause the neck muscles to tighten in an attempt to hold the head

in a comfortable spot.

Think neutral spine, either flat on your back or side lie with a small pillow between the legs. 

Also be mindful how much mental tension you take to bed with you. If you fall asleep tense you will stay

that way all night, even amplifying the tension in our sleep.

Changing sleep habits are hard... but by starting out in a neutral position slowly but surely you will 

develop a better sleep for your body. Try it!

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