P​ain is only temporary.  With the right intention we can guide the body to heal itself

Ci Cure is a Remedial Massage service committed to guiding your body out of pain

and discomfort. ​Remedial massage focuses on the deeper layer of muscle tissue

and aims to release chronic patterns of tension.

It can help to address specific problems associated with:​

  • chronic and acute muscular pain

  • injury rehabilitation

  • sporting and occupational injuries

  • RSI

  • physical, mental, and emotional fatigue.

Ci Cure believes movement is the key to a healthy pain-free body.

Movement and breath are a key component of a Ci Cure massage

as the body is encouraged to release pain whilst in motion. ​


Ci Cure asks you to go beyond the limitations you place on yourself

and inspires you to get to know your body from the inside out.

Be conscious, be aware, observe and feel what your body says to you.


You only have one body so care for it, challenge it, push it, know it.

Make it your best friend!

Mobile service available on request

Health rebates available
Member of ANTA