I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts... cheeky!

It is a great thing that the wonderous coconut is finally having its day in western society. 

Its oil is no longer considered a dangerous saturated fat, rather a unique one that boosts

metabolism and helps the body use fat for energy rather than storing it.

Its flesh, its milk, its cream can all be eaten.

My favourite is the water of a young coconut.

Whilst it contains crazy amounts of vitamins, natural electrolytes, and has an alkaline effect

on the body I think this is all secondary to its divine taste which is very sweet and full bodied.

Unfortunately coconuts don't grow on trees in my part of the world but you can find the real

deal in Asian groceries and even in supermarkets these days.

Try to find a real coconut - it is way more fun to open than a plastic bottle and as always fresh is best. 

'Tis the nectar of the Gods!

Fighting Fit