Chew Chew Chew

Do you chew your food of do you inhale it?

Chewing is the most important part of the digestive process because it starts it!

With out chewing the body must work harder to break down food and struggles

to absorb the essential goodies we need. 

Also, by really chewing our food we take more time with it and thus develop our sense of taste.

Slowing down makes us aware of how food feels in our bodies; teaching us that stopping

just before "full" feels so much better than stopping at "stuffed".

It is said that monks chew each mouthful 50 times!

That maybe a bit extreme to do yourself, but why not try 10 or 15 chews per mouthful?

Notice the difference in your appreciation of what is before you.

Real food is wonderous, we just need to take our time with it.

Chew chew chew!

Fighting Fit