Barefooting it

I have a passion for barefoot running...

Running sans shoes, with one's naked-to-the-world feet is liberating beyond words.

Whilst some try to run on concrete I do not. I keep it to grass or sand or earth (you wont find me running through the streets of Melbourne with my twinkies leading the way! )

Each step on concrete is the same for the foot. There is no give back from the surface therefore the joints

in the foot take it very hard. With uneven, softer surfaces each step is different and the foot adjusts

accordingly, fine tuning every step. This is what the foot is made to do.

To protect my achilles and joints I run mid-strike (landing on the ball of the foot) rather than heel striking  (landing on the heel). This is the technique sprinters use.. light and springy. With this technique combined with the naked foot the feet definitely work more, however the overall work of running is taken off the joints and spread more evenly throughout the body.

As a dancer I am lucky I am very accustomed to working in bare feet and on the balls of my feet,

but even so with bare-footing I can feel my feet and associated muscles getting stronger.

The BARE FOOT acutely tunes our proprioception (balance, awareness in space, sensation, and body movement) enabling us to move with ease, confidence, and efficiency. 


Whilst barefoot running is not for everyone you can still go barefoot a lot of the time and develop stronger feet, which in turn will improve your posture, eliminate headaches, and enable you to let go of fears

and insecurities.  Take your shoes and socks of where you can, whether it be at home, under the office desk, or in the garden... feel the ground that you walk upon and let your feet breathe, spread your toes wide

and notice how much they do for your balance and awareness of sensation.

Realise how much your feet do!! The minute you get up they are working for you..

So RESPECT your feet, don't always hide them from the world, constricting them in shoes. 

Let them feel whats going on around you!

All hail the foot!

If you are interested to start bare foot running do bear (no pun intended) in mind it takes much re-training ​

of the feet and lower limb muscles, and can take up to 2 years to fully adjust to the style safely. It is recommended

one seek out a specific bare foot trainer to guide you and set out a strength and reconditioning program.

Contact Ci Cure for recommendations.

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